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Use PLR E-Books As Free Giveaway

E-book downloads continue to serve as the best baits for getting your website visitors to do what you want. Use this opportunity to give them free e-book download to provide them with the information they seek. The best thing about e-books is that you do not have to create them yourself. You can simply search for PLR branded eBook that allow you to alter their content and structure then give them away through your website.

To increase the number of subscribers to your website, find a PLR e-book whose information corresponds with your niche target. Once you get it, make necessary adjustments to make it look like your creation. You can change the author name and replace all hyperlinks and references with those of your website.

After you do this, create a squeeze/landing page for the e-book download that will capture emails of visitors in exchange for the download privilege. Once they join your mailing list, you can continue giving them more PLR e-books for download as freebies and this will increase their trust in your ability to offer them what they need.

Within the e-books, you can have affiliate links to products that you promote on your website and those that the e-book specifically promotes. When you do this, you will be able to earn a commission every time someone uses the links in the e-book to acquire those products. Where it is necessary, you can include additional links for affiliate products and even combine different parts of PLR e-books to make it more compelling for users to take action.

The terms and conditions of the PLR e-book will always bind you. In some cases, you will have to use aspects of the e-book without alteration. Most provisions will let you opt in into the affiliate programs of the e-book creator so that you get to earn commissions on every sale that comes out of your distribution. It is a win-win relationship. You will leave your website users with the information they were looking for and you will get more subscribers and earn extra money.

A good thing with info-products downloads, like e-books, is that, they are not subject to duplicate penalties imposed by search engines. You do not have to worry that other people are already offering similar content to their site visitors. The contents of the e-book will not have a direct impact on your search traffic. You may proceed with the creation of original content for your websites and to leverage your efforts use PLR e-books as free giveaways when you want to build your mailing list.

Building an audience on the internet with a new website can take very long since it takes time and effort to come up with great original content. An alternative way is to use what others have already created and offer freely or at a fee. The best content sources for your website are PLR e-books that you can get and rebrand with you details then offer the e-books on your website as your own free downloads. You will be able to get all the benefits associated with eBooks such as more leads, subscribers and affiliate revenues.

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