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How To Use Private Label Rights And Use Them In Short Reports

growth-plrPrivate Label Rights (PLR), a term often used in the Internet Marketing Business, is derived from the private labeling. In short, PLR is a license that allows authors to sell their work in parts or in whole. This applies to ebooks, articles, software and other digital products.

Buying PLR products are generally cheaper than products written or made from scratch. The reason is that demand is higher for ready-made content, thus price is cheaper. However, purchase of limited edition contents also limits content duplication.

PLR licenses simply allow re-branding of content and are named after the PLR buyer’s name. Did you know that you could turn a PLR eBook into short reports? Let us take a look at the definition of short reports.

What Are Short Reports

Short reports are what they are– short. People love receiving short reports as they are brief versions of a whole report. Business persons find short reports useful because they are brief and concise. These reports have only 10-20 pages in them compared to longer eBooks. Additionally, short reports are cheaper than eBooks.

How to Turn PLRs to Short Reports

Turning Private label rights eBooks into short reports could be sold as multiple individual products, thus increasing sales profit. However, you need to learn how to transform one eBook into several short reports. Here is how:

1. Ebooks vary in lengths so purchase one that is on average length, not too long nor too short. Average length eBooks are easy to divide and shortened. Then visualize how it could be divided in parts, say 10-15 pages each part.

2. Dividing parts of an eBook can be tricky at times, so try to distribute parts closely related in terms of topics. Group eBook chapters together with the same point to lessen confusion, this maintains flow of thoughts. Ebooks sometimes have chapters that discuss the same thing, make sure you eliminate this duplicates.

3. After subdividing into parts, it is time for you to “clean up” and “polish” the content. This process is where creativity takes place because it includes editing, rephrasing sentences into shorter versions, and incorporating images or graphs. At this point, anything visually appealing and enticing but still related to the topic is necessary.

Now, that you have your own short report version of an eBook, it is time to launch the product and start counting profit. Private Label Rights ebooks may seem easier to sell but wait until you turn them into short reports.

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