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How To Edit Private Label Products

Editing private label products might just be what you need for you to have that breath of fresh air in terms of unique content for your website or submission to article directories. Private label products have been known to provide useful and quality content for many websites. However, a private label product cannot be used as it is because of the risk of being sued for plagiarism. Also, it might not be relevant to your website or business unless it is edited.

Article directories have been known to drive more traffic to a website. Therefore, most reputed article directories require quality and original content for submission and will not accept any private label content because they consider it duplicate content.

Editing private label products is further discussed below.

1. Editing the title

Changing the title is very important because it will give the content a new look. However, if you are using keyword -optimized content ensure that you retain the keywords but change the other words that surround it. If for example the keyword is “free websites” your title should read, “Creating free websites” or “best places for creating free websites”. Simply get creative with the words surrounding the keywords so that you can have a unique title.

2. Editing the opening paragraph

In this case what you need to do is simply carefully read the opening paragraph and come up with a different way of saying the same thing. You might even adopt a more formal or casual tone depending on how the content is written and what your readership will appreciate more. However, you might also opt to do away with the whole opening paragraph and simply come up with a better one which is totally different.

3. Editing the body

Read the rest of the content and work as you go. You could add sentences where you deem appropriate and alter them where they need altering to suit your requirements. Consider adding bullet points if none are there or subtitles to make reading for your readership easier and more fun. Simply ensure that nothing of the original article can be recognized from your edited version.

4. The ending

The ending is where you will need to put your conclusion about the subject and your call to action. The ending part should be absolutely unique with nothing of the original article because here is where it gets personal; you are urging them to do what you need them to. This is also the best place to put a link to your website or landing page, therefore providing an avenue for them to contact you for the services or goods you are selling. Editing private label content can be very rewarding if done right.

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