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Are There Risks In Using Private Rights Labels?

Back in the mid 1990’s, it was a fairly simple job to market your site. A few choice keywords, get noticed by the search engines, and you were literally flooded with visitors. Unfortunately, it is not so easy these days and with Google moving the “goalposts” on marketing issues, getting visitors to click on your site needs a lot of energy. In this article, we are going to look at  one way of bringing in the visitors, and this is by using private rights labels. Quality content is in many cases seriously lacking on the Internet, but what are the dangers of using PRL?

To be brief, PLR is content that can be bought for use by webmasters, and unlike going to a free article website where you can’t change the content, with PLR you buy the rights to the article so you can alter it in any way you choose. So what are the risks of using this type of content?

Unlawful content. If you visit a PLR site, you can never be sure where the articles have originated and that may mean that they are not free from Plagiarism. If you post this content on your site, it will be you getting the letter off the solicitor whose material you have copied.

Duplicate content. Google does not like duplicate content and as the PLR sites will sell the same content to lots of different parties, to use it “off the peg”,” it is not really a great idea as there will be lots of other articles with the same content floating around the Internet.

Issues with quality. The articles that you can buy are very cheap, but with most sites, the buyer purchases without actually seeing the content so you are never sure how good it will be. You may get lucky, but the reverse is always a possibility.
It is a very tempting idea to get content for your site, but as long as you are aware of the above risks.

There is no easy way to get visitors flocking to your site and unfortunately it is getting harder and harder, and Google is getting more tetchy on what  is considered good marketing. Not everyone can be good at writing content, and if you find a source of PLR that is original, well written and cheap, then I suggest that you stick with it. This is just one string to your bow when marketing your site, so use it by all means but alongside other methods and always be aware of the risks.

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