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Are There Risks In Using Private Rights Labels?

Back in the mid 1990’s, it was a fairly simple job to market your site. A few choice keywords, get noticed by the search engines, and you were literally flooded with visitors. Unfortunately, it is not so easy these days and with Google moving the “goalposts” on marketing issues, getting visitors to click on your site needs a lot of energy. In this article, we are going to look at  one way of bringing in the visitors, and this is by using private rights labels. Quality content is in many cases seriously lacking on the Internet, but what are the dangers of using PRL?

To be brief, PLR is content that can be bought for use by webmasters, and unlike going to a free article website where you can’t change the content, with PLR you buy the rights to the article so you can alter it in any way you choose. So what are the risks of using this type of content?

Unlawful content. If you visit a PLR site, you can never be sure where the articles have originated and that may mean that they are not free from Plagiarism. If you post this content on your site, it will be you getting the letter off the solicitor whose material you have copied. Readmore »

Advertising Your Business Using Private Label Rights – Frequently Asked Questions

In this article, we intend to explain in simple terms what Private label rights articles are, and answer some of the frequently asked questions on how they can help advertise your business.

What does Private label rights mean? These are articles that you can buy (extremely cheaply) and can use as you wish. You can edit them, add to them and generally mould them into what you want them to say, and the original author has no say, or legal comeback.

So why are they different to just using someone’s articles?  Even if some articles can be taken off websites as free reprints, you are obliged to keep the unique content unaltered and generally link it  back to the original instigator.

Ok, I understand what they are but how can they help me market my business?  Quite simply PLR can open up a wide range of opportunities for marketing your website or products, by providing you with unlimited content to be used in your blogs, newsletters, Email campaigns and articles. Especially for online selling, there is a need to build up a certain relationship with potential clients so that they trust your site and will therefore eventually buy something either from you or an affiliated link which will give you some money. Readmore »